Garmin Edge 1040 Solar and Hill Climb Pro

When I do a free ride using my 1040 solar, I get lots of Hill Climb Pro activations, all appropriate when I am climbing hills.

However, if I set a course, usually created by me in Garmin Connect, sometimes a free ride I've saved to my courses, sometimes imported from Strava, I just don't get those Hill Climb Pro activations. It is much more haphazard and most hills don't seem to show up enough to activate it.

I have asked Garmin about this, and after waiting 2 weeks or so I received this reply.

"It would appear at this point that this can be expected when on courses. it comes down to Garmin Connects course builder and Edge X40 devices actually having a different DEM map (Digital Elevation Maps) build.  So we expect the Edge to show more hills during a free ride than when on courses. 

We have put this forward as an experience issue as I can understand the frustration that may cause. 

I would also advise feedbacking via the below here as well. "

I have put a comment on their feedback site, but I am not hopeful that anything will be done about it. From previous feedback experience, nothing much seems to happen.

I just thought that if anyone else has noticed this, perhaps if many more left feedback, it is more likely something might be done.