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New Edge 1040 Series Version 19.22 Now Available

Firmware version 19.22 for the Edge 1040 Series is now available. This update can be downloaded through Garmin Express or Garmin Connect Mobile when available.

Live (100%) as of 12/07/23

Changes made from version 19.19 to 19.22:

  • Fixed auto backlight issue causing battery drain.
  • Fixed BaseCamp compatibility.
  • Various Bug Fixes

Changes made from version 18.25 to 19.19:


  • Improved GroupRide scheduled ride time picker.
  • Fixed GroupRide keyboard showing non-English keys.


  • Added shortcut to ClimbPro screen by tapping the "Climb!" prompt.
  • Added estimated time to end of climb for Time To Destination data field during a course ClimbPro climb.
  • Fixed elevation page and ClimbPro for indoor trainer course use.
  • Fixed invalid climb split cadence values.

Enabled manual setting of Resting Heart Rate to enable Fitness Age calculations on Garmin Connect.
Added smart notification images for apps that support them.
Enabled workout auto pause when activity profile timer auto pause is enabled.
Added button support to elevation data screen for axis scaling.
Updated VO2 Max page to show four weeks of history at a higher resolution.
Added prompt to make it more difficult to accidentally discard ride.
Increased touch area for music controls data page.
Fixed auto scroll timer loop and menu indicator interaction.
Fixed CIQ alerts crash.
Fixed Korean keyboard translation.
Updated Twitter references and icons to X.
Fixed Di2 shifter ordering in battery data field.
Fixed syncing auto detected FTP and lactate threshold heart rate to Garmin Connect.
Fixed front gear data field for Classified Powershift gear hub.
Fixed other minor issues and improved device stability.