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New Edge 1040 Series Version 17.26 Now Available

Firmware version 17.26 for the Edge 1040 Series is now available. This update can be downloaded through Garmin Express or Garmin Connect Mobile when available.

This is now Live (100%) as of 5/12/23.

Changes made from version 16.13 to 17.26:

  • Added 540/840 features.
  • Added support for viewing and riding ClimbPro climbs without navigating. Climbs will now be automatically detected when riding without a course or route. Additionally, with updated maps, climbs can be explored on the map or in the new Climb Explore widget and can be selected to be routed to and through. To get the maps, first update Edge software then update your region's Cycle Map via Garmin Express. If you already have the latest maps, uninstall and reinstall to download the ClimbPro maps.
  • Added support for importing activity profiles and sensors from Garmin Connect mobile app at any time.
  • Added support for customizing canned text responses on the Garmin Connect mobile app (Android only).
  • Added altimeter calibration improvements and fixed manual DEM altimeter calibration.
  • Added support for SatIQ.
  • Added daily suggested workouts to the Calendar and Training widgets.
  • Added ability to send "I'm Okay" message from device if incident messages have been sent.
  • Added solar gain notification upon device wake up.
  • Added ability to select workout step notes inside repeat steps.
  • Adjusted Load Focus feedback based on scheduled event.
  • Fixed CIQ bitmap drawing
  • Fixed segment turn guidance
  • Fixed widget loop dismissal
  • Fixed activity profile RTS setting
  • Fixed map page lag with ebike usage
  • Fixed graphical data field sizing on special data screens.
  • Fixed Distance to Destination and Destination Location for indoor rides.
  • Fixed various bugs and improved stability.