Garmin 1040 - Issue keeping Strava Courses updated with changes from Strava courses

New Garmin 1040.  Had issues getting it to sync to strava, followed the other threads to get it to connect.  Deleted older 530 and it's syncing now.  Creating new Courses in Strava they will immediately publish to the Garmin in courses and sync perfectly.  The issue is any older courses will not come over, even clicking star and unclicking does not cause it to sync.  Also if I edit the course it does not republish any of the changes.  Seems the course sync is limited to one time push and tied to a create and save function when it occurs in Strava.  Anyone else finding the same with sync of Strava Courses to Garmin 1040.  The older 530 had a Strava App from the Connect IQ store installed that would allow you to go find the latest version from strava and pull it over as long as the Star was selected on it in Strava.  That app has disappeared and supposedly integrated into the Garmin courses now but there are issues with having revisions staying in sync.