Train (railway) stations axed from POI categories?

As part of the navigation search categories revamp - have train (railway) stations been axed? Can't seem to find them on a UK model using latest available European maps (2021.20) neither on the obvious "Transportation" section nor anywhere else..??

  • They are still there but there's no separate category for them. I'm also using the European map 2021.20 and in the UK.

    On my 1040, I go into Search then Transportation (with a big train icon to the left) then All Transportation. I then have to scroll through 4 pages of Bicycle Parking entries before I see the line for the nearest station. It isn't called <<town>> station, just <<town>>, so it took a bit of deduction to figure out that was the station.

    So good news, stations still there, bad news, pain in the a**e to find!

    The 1030+ categories are a bit different. It's Transportation, then Ground Transportation. No Bicycle Parking entries so much smaller list and easier to find stations.

    I'm hoping that the 2022 map update, whenever that appears, will tidy up POI categories as it's really messy (maybe a separate category for bike parking for example...). I also find more POIs that are very out of date than I would have hoped for - bike shops, pubs and cafes that closed years ago. Not sure if there is a route to feed corrections into Garmin?... 

  • Indeed you are correct - unfortunately I had too many "Bicycle Parking" entires to ever get to a station, and had also tried searching for "train" and "station" etc, it was only when I typed in the name of the station (city) that it showed up. Which for me mostly defeats the purpose: I want to see a list of station nearby and usually when I'm in a place I don't know.

    Fingers crossed for improvements incoming with map updates. I wonder if anyone in the already updated and rolled out regions can comment?

  • I was just about writing a similar post as yours, @somonw500. I am also on the European map. I'll teest again the hint of @Klaus_Bin. From my memory, the railway stations were too far down to be able to scroll down practically.

    Anyway,, it is very easy to search for an airport - I think hardly ever anybody will need this on the bike.

    Railway stations, the stations we call "S-Bahn" (some regional railways) and Underground are very hard to find. I am sure, that my retired 8x0 Edges did give you an easier way to find them.

    It would be highly appreciated, if such very useful functionality would be added to 1040.

    Edit: For me, I cannot reach any station by scrolling down. About 8 pages of mainly bus stops, tram stations an bike parking are shown in a region of 1.2 km distance, then the list stops. (Nearest train station would be about 3 km). Search for a city town seems to result mainly in train stations (but not only) and also in one regional airport (without train station). Didn't figure out, how common Umlaute äüö an ß can be used or how they have to be transcribed. Edit - Figured that out :-)

    PS. Search for drinking water would also be appreciated. Not sure if OSM stores this info.

    Edit2: While experimenting with this, I recognized, that the directions shown of the hits of the search is not optimal and can easily start to move. Here, I think something like N, NE, NW, S would be better (at least as an option). 

  • Connect IQ (Sendpoints) searche for POI faster through google map, but currently only supports 1030 plus

  • I read somewhere “water resupply” (or similar) is confirmed to be included in the 2022.20 maps when they finally land, hence my optimism of other inclusions and improvements. 

  • Water stops confirmed for European map update here:

    Bit late though versus expected release date. Could do with knowing where the water stops are now Grinning