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Features I would like to see someday

0. visibility of "total time" aka "time passed", aside from "move time", in GPS device summary itself after we finish the ride. Right now only possible to check after exporting .fit file to PC and opening it with i.e. GPXsee program or using in Garmin Connect app....;

1. "map cloud" phone to GPS transfer: in case You run out of space, files stored on mobile would be cast via BT or Wifi;

2. custom navigation colors (which is only purple now) + color variants recording line (which has now basic palette);

3. phone numbers when clicking on maps icons i.e. restaurant;

4. BT / Wifi auto dial from GPS to phone, when clicking on those numbers;

5. pin lock ->

6. address phone book.

7. sms writing possibility;

8. custom sms replay response;

9. wifi firmare update - 14.13 beta seems to have it;

10. device to device courses transfer; 

11. longer "up ahead" destination points names input;

12. auto route build based on km range in the area - 14.13 beta seems to have it;

13. instant turn / object notifications (they would be shown for 1-2 seconds before it then gone. Now it's either constant visibility or none or on the below of the screen - where I set animated elevation field, so it's covering it);

14. custom welcome message (to include my number in case of loosing the device) - 14.13 beta seems to have it;

15. auto-pause time set to shorter time / lower km/h number re-enabling - 14.13 beta seems to have it;

16. sightsee object in the km area with their names;

17. "starting the timer automatically" km/h set to lower number than 10 (had 9.66 on stock now even can't) in monit / automatic / by hand mode;

18. 100% / same music volume level when using first earbud while voice directions played by the other earbud;

SPEAKER IN FUTURE 1050 to get notifications and music.

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