New Edge 1040 Series Version 12.16 NOT Available. Please stop providing incorrect information.

There is an official announcement that 12.16 is available and live at 100%.  This does not seem to be true.  Garmin Connect web tells me that my device is up to date at 12.15.  Garmin Express also cannot find any update.  If the software is not available everywhere in the world, then please do not make an announcement saying it is 100% available.  (If these forums are meant to be for just one country, Taiwan? USA?, then please make clear where the forums or announcements for the rest of the world can be found.)  As a customer it is very irritating to be told something is available to then find out it was a lie.  Just say it’s 80% and it will be 100% in x days.

  • 30 days since the announcement and the version 12.16 is still not available.  When exactly can it be expected?

  • Where are you from?

    My advice is to install the latest beta 14.12 manually, it fixes a lot of bugs from 12.16.

    The 1040 firmware is still in its infancy, so installing the latest betas is more stable than "stable"

  • I just installed it and noticed that now the auto brightness feature seems to work like my prior devices. It seemed so dull with this turned on but now works much better.

  • I’m from the Netherlands, but purchased my Edge 1040 Solar in Malaysia, directly from Garmin.  It turns out that there are many versions of the device.  So when new or beta software for ‘the’ edge 1040 series is announced, it only works on some of the devices.  Customer service was baffled at first and then found out mine is an edge 1040 SEA.  There is zero mention of this on either the website where the device is listed for purchase (or on the box or on the device itself), nor in the announcements on this forum when new edge 1040 series software is announced.  It’s incomplete, false, and misleading.  I’ve asked Garmin to fix, replace, or refund the device, so I can purchase a real edge 1040.  No success so far.

  • What was your thinking when buying the device from Malaysia when you live in the Netherlands? It is well know that APAC software is not updated as frequently due some technology restrictions, not sure what they are, but it affects all Garmin devices and other manufacturers too.

  • I own the Edge Solar 1040 Asia version too, not sure what are those "technology restrictions" you are talking about. The key point here is Garmin should be transparent enough to spell out clearly the beta test firmware limitation. Instead of let the user like me tried out numerous time then found out oh yea no supported, wasting my time. 

    Fortunately with 12.15 i dont not face any major functional issue or bugs. Of course, the ClimbPro does not deserved the work Pro coz it do not show my position on the slope on the chart correctly vs the actual, seems like lagging behind.

  • And where would this information be available then?

    (1) The device is sold as an Edge 1040 Solar.  Please let me know where it says it is not or that it is somehow restricted.  Here is Garmin’s description on the page with the purchase links:

    (2) Garmin, especially , keeps making announcements on this forum that software or beta software for the Edge 1040 Series is available, and 100% live.  Where does it say that this is only true for some devices?

    In short, it is not an expectation they manage at all.  Hence it is willfully omitting information and making misleading statements whereby users have to find out that they are not getting what Garmin is saying they should get.  If Garmin makes it so clear that it is a device just like all others and that software is available, then we need to hold them to it.  I’m clearly not the only one who has been lied to repeatedly.

    Yes, I think the world of my new device and am very happy with it.  And I would replace it with a normal Edge 1040 Solar as soon as possible nonetheless.  Still waiting for Garmin to rectify the situation.  12.15 is the latest available software well over a month after 12.16 was apparently fully available, not to speak about beta.

  • When is 12.16 actually going to be fully rolled out?  It’s been 2 months.

    I’m very curious to see if 14.20 is going to be available once it’s at 100% roll-out.  Or will that require a 3 months wait?

  • Is it possible that you could exchange your device for the correct regional device?

  • 14.20 is showing 80% rolled out but my unit still thinks 12.16, purchased around the 1040 release date in the US, is the current version.   

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