Tip #5 - Understanding the Solar Disabled message

Information for build 12.11

If you have a solar unit then there are 3 different situations where you may observe some variant of the notification that solar collection has been disabled.

The most common case of this is when the battery has charged to reach full capacity. When the battery reaches full capacity then the solar harvesting is disabled. It will stay disabled until the battery drops below full charge. Solar harvesting will then be reactivated. There maybe some lag in both directions in terms of switching solar harvesting off and reenabling  it.

The other two conditions are to do with environmental extremes.

Solar harvesting will be disabled if the unit gets either too hot or too cold.

In these cases the message will state that solar collection has been disabled because of extreme heat or cold and that 

  • After Edge cools down, solar charging will resume automatically
  • After Edge warms up, solar charging will resume automatically.