battery time

Hi all, hope your all well fit & weary from training, I was looking to know all the different battery times, as in battery time for full GPS and then battery time in the different GPS modes, basically all the different modes for maps, screen brightness and gps modes which will give me an idea for setting up my garmin for the best possible setting for the sport that I am doing at any one particular time.

I do ultra cycling I couldn't believe they released a device that actually suits this sport though it could be improved ( never happy).

wonder is there a battery map around for this device ?


  • I don't believe that there is such a battery map, but i'd be curious to see what others are getting. 
    My 1040 Solar is getting lower battery life than what was advertised, i would finish a 10 hour ride with 40% remaining for example. 
    That is on a very sunny day, with 4 sensors (power, varia, di2, HRM), 100% brightness with 30 sec timeout and GPS in the "middle" setting. 

    I have done only one 30hours+ ride so far but charged in the middle of it from a powerbank as I was concerned that I could run out of battery in the middle of the night. 

  • Seems like the one factor that affects battery life the most is backlight level.

    From the home screen, hit the icon that shows 3 horizontal lines, in the right hand corner.

    Then go to battery saver. Turn the brightness all the way on, see the battery remaining estimate, then turn brightness entirely off, and see the battery remaining estimate.

    My battery is at 66% and I just did this now. Backlight fully on: 6 hours. Backlight off: 40 hours.

  • There is this Garmin doc, but it's non-quantitative and not specific to the 1040.