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Tip #3 - Workouts now support a secondary target

The 1040 now supports workouts that have a secondary target and will display that secondary target on the workout page.

Here the page is showing cadence as a secondary target.

If you are off the workout page you will get alerts about being outside of the primary target goals, but not the secondary goals.

  • WorkOut page is better then this shiiit that we had before, but still I don’t understand garmin. Did they even tested it?

    1. on workout page you get very small information on the top before each lap/interval. It is unreadable when you are doing intervals, plus radar in top right corner is on top of information what power should I ride next step.

    2. Target has very small fonts and is difficult to read.

    3. If you don’t have/use secondary target you get interval distance on this big field. Wtf who need this on intervals, and worst thing is that it cannot be changed.

    4 graphical view of workout is black and stupid with no colours.(wahoo has it crazy good dawn on workout page you have colourful field with whole workout and you can see where are you at). In garmin you don’t know where you are looking on it(I don’t want to slide and tap on screen to see my whole graphical workout because there is graphical field, but it is broken.

     5 Garmin please make some nice countdown with big info about power/cadence/heart rate before each intervall(Just copy wahooSweat smile

    6 let us edit workout page, not only 2 fields on the bottom, which is broken now

    7 intervall time on top of page is to small it’s big screen, and you get this in the face

  • I do agree with above. I use the training pages quite a lot, and need the target to be readable and in focus.
    Would also be nice to be able to share a training-session. Either via export or filesharing. When riding different training-sets in a group it will be helpfull if more have the training on their unit.

  • Don't forget to add that the workout toggle button is almost unusable, I don't understand why Garmin is overcomplicate everything 

  • If I create a workout in the Garmin Connect App (IOS), I see different power zones as on the Edge 1040. Why does it happen?

  • Yeah, I agree with this post too. I'm not too fussed on the graphical colour, but the things like small/no countdown, the un-editable fields (I don't need distance per lap) etc. are good feedback.

    In saying that, I'm not bagging out the workout screen, I use it ~4+ times a week and think it's great.

  • I see you have timer + speed for the data fields. Are you able to customize those? Mine are just blank...and I can't seem to change it. 

    I am on latest version. 

  • It seems that you can Edit this 2 fields on workout page. But there is bug in soft that is always changing them back to default. There is workaround…when you are riding/doing workout just tap and hold on one of this 2 lowest fields and change themThumbsup

  • Just tried this.. tap and holding does not work :( 

    I am on 12.16

  • Mate, something is not ok with the activity profile, either you create another one , try either to copy current screens ,and check if is working , if not , try to reset you device to defaults

    Something is not working as it should be

  • I am using the builtin workout screen because I don't want to see it when I am not doing a workout :p 

    I also don't have that icon on the top right edge of your screen.