Tip #2 - Tray support added to the map page

The use of what Garmin calls Trays is not new to the Edge touch screen series, but it was only implemented on the workout page.

On the 1040 tray support is available on the 

  • Map page
  • Power Guide page
  • Workout page

What is tray support?

This is a way of offering up control/configuration options for a page or feature that can be accessed by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

How do I know if a page has tray support?

When you first switch to a page the page will show the tray icon at the bottom of the page for the first few second you are on the page and then it will clear.

Here I have just switched to map page and the tray icon is showing. Next it clears.


If I access the tray on the map page I get the following options

One of the nice options here is the ability to stop segments being drawn on the map without having to disable them.

The tray for Power Guide allows you to change the effort level

For the workout you get

  • Ok, with the ability to get profile and reindarfst fields beneath the Map, the device is sold to me. 
    Thanks again for all this small tips nobody else is telling us. 

  • With the addition of this Tray feature that I'll never use (I leave those 3 settings permanently turned off), we have lost a far more useful feature because it's no longer possible to swipe down when on the map page to access the Settings.

    Settings like screen brightness adjustment and toggling certain Courses to be displayed/hidden are things that I use a LOT from the map page, but now I have to swipe to another page before I can access the normal settings functions, because that doesn't work from the map page.

    Does the addition of this Tray have to disable access to standard Settings? If so, I'd prefer to lose the Tray and keep access to Settings. I would think that the functions in the new Tray could be added to another Settings page.

  • Swipe down still works on the map page. You just need to make sure to start the swipe at the very top of the screen.