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1040 Drops Support for Varia Vision

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Copying this from the Varia thread since it affects the 1040 directly.  For anyone affected, please make your voice heard to allow varia vision on the 1040.

  • Won’t happen, they didn’t do it right on Fenix 7 and stay absolutely silent about it. 

  • ACK!!! I can't ride without a HUD!

    I feel blind and naked.

  • we need support for the vision

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    BeneGi, you are right.  

    I called Garmin Support to ask if this was an oversight and they confirmed it won't be added as it's no longer a supported device.  Really a shame because it still works fine on the 1030 and it seems like such an easy fix to add it.  I suppose it's a matter of not wanting to take on issues on the newer Edge models that come up with the Vision. 

    But even without updates it's continued working flawlessly on the 1030 series.  I really hate looking down while riding technical single track and the Vision was the fix for that.

  • Just received a 1040Solar.   Very disappointed the Vision will not pair.   I ride by myself most days and the vision adds to my safety by keeping my eye up on the road ahead while allowing me to stay in tune with my ride stats.    Also having the radar show on the vision, I can take action as needed for on coming cars.  Please bring this back……or come out with a new Vision….I will buy it.

  • I may have discovered an alternative for us Heads-Up Display enthusiasts. Something called "Activelook" has been adopted by 3 manufacturers and they have a Garmin datafield.

    Yes, it would mean buying a new device when Garmin really should support their own product for a few more years, but it is an option if you (like me) feel naked and vulnerable riding without a HUD, having to look down to see any metrics.

    I am actually optimistic that there may be a HUD standard. I have owned all the cycling HUDs at some point (Recon Jet, Everysight Raptor, Varia Vision, and Solos). They were all independent selling a niche product to a small audience. A common standard may make add longevity and compatibility.

  • Ok, the Evad 1 costs 500€, but it's no use if you need glasses with a certain prescription, right? You could just put the varia vision on your glasses with fitted lenses, right?

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    Right - the varia vision would just go over whatever glasses you have on, once you put the mount on them. 

    That Evad 1 looks cool.  I had paid 150 for my varia vision (used) and it still works flawlessly till this day.  I just can't see shelling out that type of money for the Evad 1 until being sure that the ActiveLook stuff will be here to stay.  But wow, I really want a pair.  

  • I agree whole heartedly.

    The Varia Vision was best for universality (left/right eye, prescriptions, etc...). It was my preferred HUD over all the other options. I will back you up as we pressure Garmin to add Varia Vision support to the Edge 1040. 

    If that doesn't happen, we all have to make an individual decisions to use the older Edge 1030 with Vision support, or accept the Varia Vision isn't coming to the 1040.

  • Activelook appears to be the technology. 

    If you scroll down, there are glasses made by three brands. I made a YouTube review of HUDs back in 2018. I've asked one of the Activelook brands to send me a sample for review purposes. They seem receptive. I'll report back here if I get one and if you can wait.