Swapping from Edge 1030 Plus to Edge 540

Hi guys,

I am about to get the Edge 540 Solar and sell my Edge 1030 Plus because is too big and has too many feature for what I actually need and use.

The thing is, how could I possibly send the data from one device to the other without losing anything? I have seen how to transfer files to a different device in the Garmin web but I am not sure.

Please, any advice or video tutorial where I could see, step by step, how to do this?

Thanks a lot in advance.

  • Not answering your question but I went from a 530 to 1040 and apart from the bigger screen I find the touch UI a significant advantage over the button UI. If I was tempted by the smaller size I would get the 840, as it has both touch & button UI rather than 540 and reading many posts here I would get non-solar over solar. The solar does not contribute much battery life in actual usage and the diminished screen clarity & brightness caused by the solar overlay is said to be very noticeable in some circumstances. There are also a few features non available on the 540 as there is no button actions available to access them. The 840 non-solar being about the same price as the 540 solar.

    On your question, Garmin Express Mobile will transfer sensors and will use give a option to use previous other device profiles as a basis for x40 setup. You might have to manually setup phone & wi-fi connections and CIQ fields. You can use a computer to transfer courses to the Newfiles directory on the device. There migh be an advantage to a more manual setup as it could provide a cleaned, newer start point and give you some experience of the new UI. Have a look at the VeloGPS Youtube videos on the 840 screen & field setup and navigation, they don’t have 540 ones.

    Good Luck

  • Thanks a lot for your answer L. Rouge. I will watch these videos on the web you mentioned and let you know if I could make it Sweat smile