Update Edge maps form tablet?


I have to go on a long trip for two years and would like to bring a computer.
I had thought about an Android tablet, but knowing that the maps on my Edge cannot be updated by a smartphone, I was wondering if it would be the same with a tablet.

Will I be forced to use a PC or Mac?


  • Several PC emulators run on an Android tablet, but my experience with PC emulators on different devices has been the software might run fine, but more often the USB connection does not always work correctly. That hardware connection has to switch between the native hardware and the emulator to pass data. 

    You might configure the Garmin for Wi-Fi and do a peer-to-peer network.  However, you will need knowledge of what folder to drop the new maps in. But, you still may or not have the correct "Rights" to load the files. 

    Both options could work but require a higher tech level.

    But I would recommend a small PC or Mac. 

  • You might not need updated maps for your 2 year trip.

    An alternative would be to use custom maps. Be sure to use a “Latin” version (Unicode won’t work).


    This service lets you define a custom region (so you don’t have to download coverage for places you aren’t going to be in).

    The map files get copied to \Garmin on the device. 

    Note that, if maps overlap, only one should enabled.

  • @NONREVVERNON : Thank you for your answer. 

    @dpawlyk : Thanks for the site suggestion, I will look into it.
    Why do you say I wouldn't need updated maps? I just got back from 4,000 km on the East Coast USA, I had updated my wife's Edge 1030 before I left, we get to Quebec and her maps are not there. I was three days from home, no problem, but if I had been in Kazakhstan, how could I update the missing region without a PC?

  • It said you MIGHT not need updated maps. “Updated” maps suggest updates to existing maps (maps you have).

    If you are in a place that you don’t have maps for, that’s another thing (not something you mentioned anyway).

    The 1030+ has enough memory for world-wide coverage. I think it comes with all those maps installed.

    You should probably get all the maps you need before your trip.