1030 Plus - Outfront mount that actually has enough room to access the start/stop button.

Wondering if anyone has actually found anoutfront mount for the 1030 Plus where it sits far enough away from the bars so that a rider can actually use the start/stop button easily.  Having used the Garmin Extended mount, and the K-edge mount, and numerous others, they all leave very little room for anyone but a small child's fingers to fit between the bars.  The only solution I have found so far is to flip an off brand mount upside down so that the Edge sits above the bars.  This isn't such a bad workaround.  But, not sure how sturdy the only off brand (CESTBON) I have found that allows this is.  Trying to have the Edge on top and a Gopro underneath.

Contacted K-Edge, and they do  not make one that can be flipped or  is any longer  than their XL.  Same for Garmin.  

So, anyone have a solution for one that is either a little longer OR allows a flip for a non-flush mounting style that can hold up under the weight of the Edge 1030 Plus AND a Gopro?