Strange voice message on my Android phone since 2 weeks

Hi all,

I have a Garmin 1030 plus and an Android A52 phone, until 2 weeks ago no issues.

I have a Canyon Lux and a Canyon Aeroad.

When I go for a ride every 3-4 minutes a womans voice says messages which I can't understand.

I'm from Holland but it's not Dutch, English, German or anything I can understand.

The only few words which I think she says is "Heartrate on fire"????

I took my Garmin and  Phone in the car and rode a while and started my Garmin as it was a Cycle ride.

Now also every 3-4 minutes she says a message on my phone it's only one sentence which I can't  translate one word of.

So when I'm on my bike more information is given, but don't understand it, so more is given as heart rate, power, cadans is on the bike.

I really hope someone knows a reason why this is happening since 2 weeks and more important, how to turn this off.

Thanx in advance for your help,

Gr. Hank Lintermans