SRAM eTap AXS 2x12 no longer showing FD battery status

I have a bike with Rival eTap 2x12 gearing, and the gear battery field, which is full screen width, and which used to display the status of all four gear batteries, has stopped displaying the status of the FD battery - it only shows the RD battery and the two shift lever batteries. When I look in the sensor details on the 1030+ for the eTap on that bike, it still knows that there are two front chainrings, and the Gears and Gear Combo fields still know which chainring I'm on, and change their display when I change between chainrings. The gearing on the bike is stil working perfectly, so the FD and RD and shifters are obviously still paired correctly.

I have another bike with the original Red eTap 2x11, and when I use the 1030+ on that bike, it is still showing the status of all four batteries.

The 1030+ has been running FW 6.75 since before this problem appeared, so it hasn't appeared due to updated FW. Any suggestions on a fix?