When will comes the next updates with new future?


since few months no updates?
Why is there nothing coming?

Thank u.


  • Never, 1030 plus is dead. Updates for 1040 only.

  • Utter rubbish.  1030 plus is still a good unit.

  • it is still fine, but for garmin it is dead. it was always so once they release a new model...

  • There was a x30 beta (xx.79) running from late May till late August which closed a couple of weeks ago but the beta version is still available for download but the beta feedback community discussion comments are locked. The focus of the beta was ONLY sensor dropouts. There were 130+ user feedback comments during the beta period but not overwhelmingly positive or negative. The beta closed without any Garmin comment or advice regarding what happens next.



  • Normally there a some updates and new features after new model.

    Is there no way to use 1040 betas for 1030? I mean there hardware should be the same?

  • No they are different hardware of course.

  • If they ever fix their connectivity issues, it will be a programming miracle

    1. HeartRate sensor has constant dropouts & this is using 3 different chest sensors all made by Gramin

    2. Light network never works with Bontrager Ion+ 200 lights on Ant+

    3. Garmin's own RTV 315 radar randomly shows some error code & disconnects & reconnects

    Garmin replaced my earlier 1030+ unit with another one after I sent them the logs & offered to help debug the issue & the replacement unit has the same issues.

    It's embarrassing that my wife's Karoo2 is able to connect to the same sensors above with zero dropouts. She has her own set of Ion light & HR sensor

    She had a new Garmin 530 earlier that was so miserable to use & unstable, I sold it & got her the Karoo2

    Frankly,  Garmin's only advantage at the moment is their webportal to track metrics & a longer batter life than the k2

    If they don't fix their issues & SRAM/Hammerhead come out with an updated k3 and match their web portal, you will see a wholesale jump from Garmin to Hammerhead

    This is a serious inflection point for Garmin for some of their products & they had better pay attention to their loyal customers or see their lunch eaten

  • If their is a hardware quality issue withe 1030+ then at a bare minimum offer an upgrade path to 1040+ to existing customers for a small fee

    This is a good way to acknowledge your customer that have stuck by the company and good for business

  • That’s why everyone is switching to Wahoo

  • I don't know about "everyone"

    I do know that I had the Wahoo Bolt for my wife which she did not like so that went back to Amazon & then the Garmin 530, which got sold at a loss & now she is happy with the Karoo 2

    For sensors I see a lot of people using the Wahoo HR sensor & they say it is more reliable & I might look into that

    I just checked my Amazon account & from Jan 2022 to Sep 2023 I have spent nearly $2000 on Garmin computers/sensors/radar & different mounts between the various roadbikes we have, with the 2 computers & radar being the most expensive, followed by speed/cadence/HR sensors

    As mentioned above, this could go either way for Garmin or Apple could decide to support Ant+ on their watches, negating the need for a bike computer and building a better bike profile on the watch. (they dont have auto-pause, which is really odd)

    My bet is on Hammerhead at the moment, as they seem to have regular updates & their UI is much  more polished & easier to use with the battery life being the major complaint here

    As archaic as the UI is on the Garmin's, it is not too much to ask for support for their own sensors & this really should be a priority.

    I just checked Garmin's site after a very long time & they still don't have an upgrade program in place.