Edge 1030plus MAIN BUG / Infinite Starting Loop Without Power OFF capability

Hi Garmin World

I bought an Edge 1030plus which falled in MAIN BUG :

Withe a Windows 7 PC I unzipped some GPX files into the NewFiles directory of my GPS,
Then i switched it OFF, the ON.
The GPS enters in an Infinite Starting Loop , at the "Loading courses, workouts, and locations" screen
At this time its impossible to switch OFF the GPS; by pushing the ON/OFF button the PowerOff screen screen appears,
but nothing happens when i select the "éteindre" (Power OFF item)

The only way to Power Off the GPS is to wait the battery full discgharge... (59% after one night)

Is there a mean to Switch Off the GPS when it enters in this infinite Starting Loop ?

This is the second time i got this MAIN BUG.


  • If the ON/OFF button is pressed more than 10s (in order to force an hardware  Power OFF),
    the GPS restarts,
    BUT...falls again in the infinite Starting Loop...

    When the battery will be fully discharged,
    plug the USB cord into a PC USB port,
    wait the required minimum of time to recharge the battery (in order to get enough power fo the device works),
    When the GPS restarts, quickly press continuously the LAP/RESET button until the GPS enters in the forced 'Mass Storage' mode;
    in this case the host PC recognize the USB device and gives access to the internal memory GPS  -> remove any remaing files in the "NewFIles" directory,
    then restarts.

    This is the only method i found, until GARMIN deigns to crorrect this major BUG...

    I got a lot of Garmin GPS (60cs, 60csx, Edge 705, Edge 810, Edge 100, Edge1030, Edge1030plus)
    and this is the first time i found this kind of MAJOR BUG; the same GPX files stored in the NewFiles directory of an Edge 1000 GPS works without bug...

  • I understood : if the GPX file has his ReadOnly attribut (RA) set,
    then the GPS system can not removed it; in this case the GPX file (and generated FIT) stays in the NewFile directory,
    therefore the GPS system indefinite Loop when the GPS restart...

    !!! BUG !!!