Freeze issues

My Garmin Edge 1030 Plus freezes during my ride. The only fix is to reboot it. Does anyone else have the same problem? If so, what is the fix.

1030 Plus is paired to my Assioma Duo PM and a Wahoo HR monitor. 

  • This sounds like my inaugural ride with my 1030 plus yesterday. Assiomo duos, polar HRM, varia taillight - constant connects/disconnects - so frustrating. I've noticed something else with this and my last garmin. the ONLY time a "sensor software update" shows up is when I'm about to go for a ride, so I don't update it at that time, thinking it should pop up every time I turn it on. It does not - consdering the sensor issues I"m having, I'd like to try to the update, but  can't find instructions for this specific update. Otherwise, my garmin is up to date.

  • I have had similar issues without going into to much detail firstly try a hot boot and see if it sorts out your issues keep your finger on the start up button after it has started up for around 30 seconds and let your edge start up again this usually clears any errors in the software let me know if it helps

  • I have reset my edge ( reset without deleting data) and the last couple of rides i have not had any problems at all, after reset you will need to add the sensors back again. I believe these problems come after updates from Garmin, so we may have to get used to resetting after updatesRage

  • I have the same issue and after reading all your posts related to this subject, It seems that Garmin teams don't look further and just say "ok, in this case, reser your device"... I am not too far to thing that quality it not the top priority for garmin team. Please provide a real solution (software update) of pleas inform users that somes of your devices are not working and should be replaced !

  • I had quite a few simillar episodes and did not figure out a solution yet...