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Bontrager Flare RT Battery level indicator

I've seen a few questions about the 1030plus and Flare RT combo - this one specifically relates to the battery indicator.

I've not had any issues with battery life or drain with the Flare RT - it's only a few months old. However whenever I connect it to the 1030 plus, the notification comes up to let me know that the battery is low. This is even after leaving the battery on charge overnight.

Has anyone else seen this issue? The battery level on the bontrager screen is always showing low so it's not an accurate representation of the life left in the unit.



  • I have the same problem.  Here is what I did:

    1. Turn the light on

    2. Press and hold the power button until the light blinks once, and a few seconds later, it will blink again. 

    3. Release the power button.  That unpairs the light.

    4. Make sure the light(s) is fully charged and turn it on.

    5. Unpair the light from Garmin Edge and then pair it back.

    6. The green light now shows up on the light itself and on Garmin screen

    Well, this solves it, but it is a pain in the neck to do it all the time.  So this is more of a workaround and not a solution.

  • I'll see how long the charge holds; doing much better so far. May be a lot better now that it doesn't try to turn itself on when I've taken my Garmin down to the basement to use on the trainer.

  • Hi,

    Same problem here. On the GPS you have the firmware version of the light. Which one do you have ? On mine it's 1.024.

  • Same problem with ion pro rt

  • Had same problem. Did reset.. post resetting light was not connecting to edge 530 how resetting the light again and tried to connect the light while powered on it got connected to Garmin. All back to normal.

  • I had the exact same issue. The reset so far has worked. Doesn't notify me on my Venu 2s that it's low on battery 

  • Hi Guys. 

    Have the same issue. Did you somehow solve the battery bug issue ?

    Have been in contact with Bontrager which is aware of the bug but is not willing to solve it. They are just suggesting to make a reset. But for me a reset which has to be made after each charge is just a workaround and no a solution.

  • My first Flare 200 RT started to shows irregularities on the Garmin while decreasing the battery..5 led 4 led then jump to 2 led then Low or 5 4 3 the after a year I sent it back to Trek and send me a new one...

    The new one works ok but the full charge is 4 lead instead of 5!

    I tested both light with original Garmin light network, bontrager and other IQ connect apps..all with the same problems so I decided to give up!

    Until I found a great app with a lot of configurable features and a great developer that helped me with the app and solved the battery problem..

    here the app

    and here the solution (already mentioned elsewhere)

    full charge the light and leave it connected to the charger

    turn on the Garmin

    turn on the light

    keep the button on the light pressed for more than 15 20 to be sure

    go to the garmin and check the light battery status again, there could be a light disconnection or some error like battery low, but after changing screen or turning off/om the Garmin, the light battery will work perfectly!

  • This is an interesting data field, and someone will almost certainly say I’m overthinking this, but why would a light app need to collect GPS location information?