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Bontrager Flare RT Battery level indicator

I've seen a few questions about the 1030plus and Flare RT combo - this one specifically relates to the battery indicator.

I've not had any issues with battery life or drain with the Flare RT - it's only a few months old. However whenever I connect it to the 1030 plus, the notification comes up to let me know that the battery is low. This is even after leaving the battery on charge overnight.

Has anyone else seen this issue? The battery level on the bontrager screen is always showing low so it's not an accurate representation of the life left in the unit.



  • I have a well-used Flare RT (and matching Ion 800), probably 2-½ years old now, and they both still show ~100% when charged, in the Lights widget as well as in the Bontrager lights data field. (Screencaps from my 1030 Plus below.) 

    If the battery of your few-months-old RT is only charging up to 50%, that is not normal and you should probably talk to your Trek dealer about getting a replacement. 

    Light Network widget    Bontrager Light data field


  • Looks like the same problem I have this at this moment with the lights (Flare RT and later also the ION RT). These are also a few months old. After a full charge I turn on the light and the battery indication stay's red on the flare rt. That's the reason I get a low battery warning on my Edge Explore. To resolve (temporarily)  I have to reset the light. (Turn the light on, press the button for about 16 seconds and after the second light flash it's reset). From that moment the battery indication light on the flare RT is green and the Garmin Edge say's the battery is full.

    When the light is empty the problem will repeat again after a fully charge. I went to the Trek dealer and they ordered replacement lights. (Still waiting to deliver.)

  • Thanks for posting the screenshots.  I didn't even know until now that Bontrager has their own IQ app for lights.  I was looking for a way to see the battery level on each light, so problem solved!

  • I have the same problem, no correct battery indicator Disappointed.  Reset the light and fully charge is showing.

    What do you want to do ?
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    What do you want to do ?
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  • Thanks for this reply mate! I've contacted the dealer but i'm unsure it it was an update with garmin or not but the light seems to be indicating a varying battery level at this stage. Still concerning as to why.... But here in melbourne I can't take it back to a shop.

  • I've only got them like a week or so, so will be testing more.  Indeed, don't know wether it's a bug in the software or a faulty battery in the unit.  I'll try to let you know if i figure it out.

    What do you want to do ?
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  • Great info did not know Botranger had an app

  • Same problem.  Surprised to no response from Bontrager.  It is clear that there is a bug and there needs to be a fix.

  • I was having the same problem with my Flare RT.  I reset it, and now the green light for a full charge is showing.  However, it won't pair with my Edge 530 anymore.  But the main thing is that my light works.  I had a bunch of problems with a Bontrager front light when I had an Edge 25 that caused me to return because it had a mind of its own.  

  • I have a similar issue and went so far to get another Flare RT. Now I have a brand new Flare RT and never get a 100% battery full indication on my Edge 1030 plus device!