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New Edge 1030 Plus Version 2.30 Now Available

Firmware version 2.30 for the Edge 1030 Plus is now available. This update can be downloaded through Garmin Express or Garmin Connect Mobile.

Changes made to version 2.30:

  • Navigation Recalculation:
    -Improved rerouting experience when off course.
    -Updated navigation pause/resume icons to be more visible.
    -Fixed crash during course reroute.
  • Livetrack Improvements:
    -Fixed issue where Livetrack session name was not synchronized with GCM.
    -Fixed issue where Livetrack could start on a Wi-Fi-only connection.
    -Enabled Livetrack session to start while waiting on contact's email addresses.
  • Improved grit and flow consistency between Garmin products. Enabled map swapping for European maps.
  • Fixed issues with creating and displaying daily suggested workouts.
  • Improved course calculation times.
  • Fixed issue with the number of power zones displayed post ride.
  • Fixed issue where BLE sensors from initial sensor pre-pair would not auto-connect.
  • Improved temperature accuracy.
  • Fixed issue where history line wasn't updated while panning in the map.
  • Fixed issue where disabling "Pop-up on Climb Approach" would disable ClimbPro completely.
  • Fixed ClimbPro page graph drawing.
  • Fixed UI issues on the bike lights widget.
  • Improved bike light connection stability.
  • Improved sensor connection speed.
  • Fixed issue with power targets in TCX workouts.
  • Fixed Firstbeat metrics for multiple rides during the same power cycle.
  • Remove unnecessary beeps for notifications that don't need them.
  • Added a shortcut to the display menu by pressing and holding the Auto Brightness button on the status widget.
  • Made improvement to remove a widget if the associated sensor was removed.
  • Made various device stability improvements.