Speed Sensor 2 - horrible user experience

I paired Speed Sensor 2 a few months ago. It is available in the Connect application. However, when I try to add another Garmin device, Connect asks me to add Speed Sensor 2 first.

The sensor is within range of the phone, but the phone cannot connect to the sensor (the bike is in the other room). I have to remove the sensor and go through the hassle of reconnecting it.
Adding speed sensor 2 is always a pain in the ass. After 100500 connection attempts and 1 successful one, you enter the wheel diameter parameters and the software update starts, which seems to be performed and seems to be not.

The progress bar does not move and Speed Sensor 2 gives no indication that the process has started. Also, this update starts every time you add a sensor, is it really difficult to check the version and skip the update if the device has already been updated to the latest version?

So I have a few questions:
1. How can I make sure that speed sensor 2 is added only once and that Garmin Connect does not ask to connect this sensor again?
2. Does Garmin do anything like device and software testing? Or those who buy your devices beta testers by default?

  • Never had a problem like this.. Six bikes, six speed sensor 2s and not a one has given me a problem.  Of course all of mine are connected to Edge 840, 540, 500 or Fenix 5.

    The sensor does have to be turned on to connect.  From where you said "bike is in other room" I get the impression the sensor isn't turned on.  Do you spin the wheel before you try to add the other device?  If not, Connect will be looking for the sensor and that is where you are getting the message.

    Also, can you just select Auto Calibrate for wheel size?