Favero Assioma duo Bluetooth

I have been running Favero Assioma pedals for years, but always had an issue with discrepancies in average power between Garmin Connect and Strava.. sometimes this is 2 or 3 watts and sometimes more. (Power is set to include zeros on my 1030 before anyone asks:), otherwise the discrepancy would be much larger). I think having analysed the fit file that the issue is down to communication with my 1030 and the slightly different ways that Strava and Garmin calculate the average. 

This prompted me to think of trying to connect by Bluetooth instead of ANT to see if it might fix the issue. However when I this, all *** broke lose with my other sensors (speed and HRM) with them and the pedals constantly disconnecting and connecting again.

Has anyone else experienced similar and if so, what am I doing wrong?

  • in the Garmin avgpower if there are tiny 1-2secs power gaps (due to signal drop) the Edge did not calculate the zeros, but the Strava did, so this is why you have this tiny difference between the Garmin and Strava (that Garmin is a bit higher than the Strava). update to the latest beta firmware 13.81 or similar for the Edge 1030, and try it (this ANT+/BT connection issue maybe improved/fixed in that latest beta for your device)

  • Thanks for your reply. I'll check that out and post here. However, I have a different power meter on my Gravel Bike (SRAM Rival PM) and Garmin connect and Strava always agree on the average for that one, so I think the issue must be with the signal strength from my Assioma pedals. 

  • yes, it could be power-meter specific issue or connection-specific issue between Assioma and the 1030 (i mean, with a Wahoo or Forerunner/Fenix head units the signal quality is perfect if you record it simultanously, only the Edge has issue)