Active Calories from Edge 840 Not Showing in Garmin Connect or Epix Pro Gen 2

Today was my first ride with my Edge 840, I used the Garmin chest strap for heart rate monitoring and wore my Epix Pro (gen2) but didn't have it track the workout, I used the Edge 840. When I finished my ride, everything synced over to Connect and to the Epix, but the Active Calories burned from the ride, which I can see in the activity in Connect, aren't included in Active Calories in Connect or reflected on the Epix. Digging around it looks like this is a common issue that's been going on for at least a year and Garmin hasn't done anything to fix it. When is Garmin going to fix this? Paid a crap ton of money for the best training gear and not sure what the point is if it's not going to work properly. I know I could track on my Epix and Edge and discard the Edge stuff after the fact, but that kind of defeats the purpose of having bought the Edge in the first place. What gives?