Edge Remote - what is wrong with you - garmin ?

For many years, people have been asking and requesting to be able to effectively use all the buttons of this not at all cheap device. Is it really such a big problem for you to enable own configuration of the "Lap" button ? It seems to you that we all do nothing else but ride track cycling and have to count our laps ? This may come as a surprise to you, but track cycling athletes do not use this type of device at all - and yet for 3 buttons you "wasted" one for a function that probably 5% of the owners of this device use.
I've had enough of another fill-in-the-blank idea on www.garmin.com/.../ - you probably don't even read them.
I'm calling out Garmin_Matthew - please push this topic further to people who can do something about it.

  • While button configurability would be more than welcome, I actually disagree that the "Lap" button is useless outside of track riding. It's simply a secondary button in practice, with often some skip/next/mark meaning. It's quite useful during workouts for example, where you might have recovery periods until you're ready for a next interval. Also during unstructured/fun rides you might want record key moments during your ride, for example to mark the start and the end of a climb for ease of separating stats like time/speed/climb, etc.

    For people with infinite amount of money (you just bought an Edge and you're buying other Garmin equipment despite all its problems, so it's you, right? ;-) I recommend Shimano Di2 integration. From Ultegra (R8100 series) up (so also including Dura-Ace, i.e., R9200 series, just *not* in 105 or R7100 series) you get hood buttons. You can assign a reasonable set of functions to those (previous/next screen, jumping to concrete screens, etc.) including double-clicking or holding the button. It forced me to go with Shimano rather than SRAM, and while I still hate having been forced, I don't regret it at all ;-) Di2 is just great and Garmin computer integration is just great. You could of course improve it (latency, shifting info in GC), but it already has a solid value in my opinion.

  • Your ideas for additional uses of the Lap button are interesting and have merit, but I think is still spot on, most of us would reprogram it for something else if that were an option. 

    Your Di2 recommendation sounds good for some as well but doesn't excuse the inadequacy of the remote.  This idea also doesn't offer anything to us MTB guys.  Even if that functionality exists in electronic MTB shifting, many of us will not consider electronic shifting, I've no interest in it.  I'd also argue that the remote is even more important for MTB, because there are many portions of the ride when you can't even consider taking one hand off of the bars.

    I love the remote and use it on every ride, but sadly it is just a two button device for me.  Having the third button available to program would be a huge step up.

  • Absolutely, I think there is little reason for those buttons not being programmable. There is of course the engineering cost, but I would expect it to pay off by making a better product with more customers and maybe even some extra boost to Edge sales and the whole ecosystem. Being a software engineer myself, this looks like an easy task compared to much more obscure features that Garmin is investing in.

    We can only vote with our wallets here, that's why I am showing an option where you can give money to Shimano instead of Garmin and have better experience :-)

    When electronic shifting is available for MTB and provides cycling computer control (Garmin or not), I'll buy it on the spot :-) I am looking at you, SRAM Eagle AXS ;-)

  • Well, we had a chat, and garmin doesn't give a *** about any of this, as usual.