Cadence Sensor 2 connects to iPhone but Not Reporting cadence

I use the Garmin cadence sensor 2 with my bike on the indoor trainer. Previously this worked just fine with Wahoo Systm and Zwift. But for the past month, I can connected the sensor through bluetooth but no cadence is being shown in the apps. However, I can connect the sensor to my Forerunner 255 and it shows the accurate cadence. Anyone else have issues with Wahoo or Zwift?

I have been in contact with Wahoo tech support but so far nothing has worked. iPhone is updated with the latest software. I’ve tried resetting the sensor, restarting my phone, deleting and res installing the apps.

  • I’m also facing the same issue. The sensor works fine with my edge 530 or 5x+ but not on any of iPhone app via Bluetooth (tried with MyWhoosh, Wahoo, Zwift, TrainerDay). It was working fine couple of months back but suddenly dropped the recording. It connects well but doesn’t record or show cadence values… and I’m not able to find and fix on internet for this ***!!

  • Tearing my hair out here. Bought combined package or speed and cadence sensor and dismantled my TacX cadence monitor only to find that the cadence sensor does not report. What an absolute pain in the ***…