GIANT Talon E+ Ex power measurement way too low on the Edge 830

I recently bought the a.m. bike, looking forward to using the built-in powermeter to show my actual and average power on my Edge 830.

The GIANT RideControl App (connected to the bike via BT) shows correct power data, but my Edge unfortunately doesn't. I had used it with GARMIN's Vector 2 on a different bike for a long time without any problems, but with the built-in powermeter of my new e-bike it doesn't work at all. The power readings are way too low on the edge. When I cycle with 200W, shown correctly in the GIANT App, the Edge only displays around 50W, for example.

Anyone else with this problem? What could be the solution to this?

  • How much of that 200W is from you and how much from the battery?

    I expect the bike is sending total power output (You + Battery) to the RideControl app whereas the Bike should only be sending your power output  to the Edge 830. If it send the total power output to the Edge 830 then your physiological metric such as FTP become a joke.

    If you want to verify what you contribution to the total power is then connect your Vector 2 pedals to the bike.

  • Honestly I have no idea what the RideControl App shows when I use the motor... I only use it when cycling to the office, but I'm on holidays at the moment. :-)

    I know what it means to have 200W in my legs for an hour or so since I had cycled with the vectors for years on my other bike. When I went out for the test drives I didn't use the motor at all, off course. And the RideControl App showed power data as expected (150W - 250W, according to my momentary effort), but the Edge showed 30 - 50W almost all the time with about 40W average after half an hour of hard cycling (with an average heart rate of 150 bpm or even slightly above).

  • Does the bike power meter give you the option to calibrate it from the Edge 830 like you would have for the Vector pedals in the past?

    As far as I can tell, as with any connected sensor, the Edge records and displays the information sent to it by the connected sensor. Once a power meter is calibrated and the calibration saved to the power meter the values sent to the head unit are the "correct" values.

  • Yes, I have the option to calibrate - like with my former vectors. But wehenever I tap on "calibrate now" the Edge says "calibrating..." and after a few minutes(!) it aborts without giving any explanation. I've tried this several times also with my Fenix 6X Pro. On the watch there comes an "error code 1", whatever that means...

    I presume that the e-bike powermeter doesn't send any data to the Edge when there is no pedal movement, unlike the vectors do (torque values in the near of zero), and this is why calibration doesn't work. And the data field that is transported via the ANT+ protocol and received by the Garmins, isn't the right power data field. I've informed GIANT but they haven't found any firmware bug so far. This is the reason why I'm also looking for other root causes.

  • Does your fēnix 6X show the same low power readings? If it is paired by ANT+ you should be able to monitor it on both devices at the same time.

    My guess would be there is no physical power meter as such and the ANT+ output is a firmware generated value derived from the six sensors used by Smart Assist.

    I had a look around their web site but couldn't find anything about using the ANT+ power meter function (or speed and cadence) with cycling computers and sports watches. Everything I could find was about using their phone app or RideControl display.

    I was reading a discussion a while back about why there is a lack of ebike activity profiles on cycling computers and sports watches. It appears that there is currently no defined standard for how to present ebike metrics to head units and watches. Each manufacturer has their own standard and are even inconsistent across firmware releases.

  • Yes, the Fenix shows the same low readings. I, too, think that the ANT+ power value is generated by the firmware but there is a bug in the calculation formula. The only website that I found about connecting GIANT bikes and GARMIN computers and watches was a german one:

    I've left a comment, but no answer so far...

  • I was surprised how little information there is available about externally monitoring ebikes. And where there is the stock response is "use our mobile app" for that information.

    Do you still have your Vector 2 pedals?

    If you do it may be worth using them to record a ride then challenging Giant with the data and see how they justify the difference. I expect there to be some difference between them but not the ~75% you are seeing.

    My only experience with power meters (at the moment) is the one built into my Tacx Neo 2T. I can certainly feel the difference between 50W and 200W.

  • I still have the vectors and could really do a test with triple-logging: Fenix with GIANT power data (ANT+), RideControl App wit GIANT power data (BT) and Edge with Vector power data.

    I've already told GIANT that I had this issue. They answered that there must be a problem with the Edge since the RideControl App shows correct data. That's why I've started this thread... I'm still in contact with them.

  • I have the same Problem on my edge1030 plus. Average 45 Watt ( should be arround 150 Watt) Any solutions by now?

  • Rovnaký problém. Giant Stance E+1 Pro. 30 minútová jazda - Ridecontrol priemerný výkon 171 W, Garmin Fénix 6X priemerný výkon 11 W.