Where is the Virtual Cycle or Virtual Ride for Zwift Users?

Hi Garmin Developers, indoor cyclists, quarantined riders and software enhancement enthusiasts,

Are there plans for an activity like 'Virtual Run' but used for cycling?  I use an indoor basic trainer and use the Garmin Speed and Cadence sensors to connect to my Fenix 6x Sapphire.  This had worked really well for riding using the 'Bike Indoor' activity, but I've recently discovered that the Garmin Speed and Cadence sensors can connect to the Zwift App.  So, the problem is now that my wrist heart rate (OHR) monitor doesn't connect to the APP (due to it's ANT+ only connection when broadcasting) unless I select the 'virtual run' activity on my Fenix 6x. 

Ok so, the 'virtual run' activity will broadcast OHR via BT to the Zwift App, but the virtual run app doesn't sync with the Garmin Speed and Cadence sensors (audible exhale).  Which means that when I'm done my Zwift ride, I have to discard the 'virtual run' activity because the only metrics it captured is my HR and time.

The best solution to fix this problem is to create a virtual cycle or virtual bike app, that connects to all the existing bike sensors, and will broadcast them via BT to the zwift app.

Please Garmin, hear our request and create this activity Slight smile