How customizable are the default MARQ2 watchfaces?

Hello everybody! Currently have an EPIX2 and I am very interested in a MARQ2 (Adventurer and Captain being favorites). However, after reading some topics on this forum I begin to suspect that the default (i.e. as in the official marketing material) watchfaces are not entirely customizable in terms of data fields.

A topic mentioned that the Captain does not support custimizing the wind speed/direction data field (i.e. chaning it to something else). Another mentioned that you cannot add "current heart rate" to the Adventurer face (I would set it most probably to the bottom data field, initially configured to show "Steps").

To all MARQ2 owners and testers, what's the situation from this point of view? Can you add "current heart rate" for example to any of the MARQ2 watch faces?

Thank you!