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MARQ 2 Captain Watch Face Wind

The default watch face has the data circled in yellow as seemingly hard coded on my watch. I’m assuming it is supposed to be wind direction and wind speed, BUT the data never changes on my watch. It always shows as NORTH, irrespective of real wind direction. Note that my Connect location on phone is set to ALWAYS on, so weather data loads correctly. So two questions: 

1. why does it always show as north?

2. I don’t seem to be able to change this data field to something more relevant to me (I can only change two data fields on the default watch face). 

I love the look of this default watch face, so ideally want to keep it 

  • The bottom center data field is the current speed in knots when your MARQ (Gen 2) Captain is connected to your smartphone through the Connect Mobile APP.

    - The color coding along the edges is cosmetic.

    - The arrow should move to point to the direction of the wind.

  • Thanks a lot - below is the answer from Garmin. Thorough answer but didn’t solve the issue, as I already sync with connect non stop, I already have app background refresh on on my iPhone and I already have location permissions set to ALWAYS. 

    Answer from Garmin:

    Hello Joeri,
    We understand you have some concerns with the wind speed not updating on the watch face of your MARQ Captain. 
    In order for the wind speed to update on the watch face, your watch needs to be actively synced through to the Garmin Connect mobile app on your phone. 
    Looking at the time you sent this email, and then checking the last time your MARQ was synced to the Connect mobile app is showing 2 hours before your email was sent to us. 
    Our recommendation is to open the Connect mobile app, tap the circular sync arrows showing next to the picture of your watch at the top of the My Day page in the app. You should then see the watch face update at that point. 
    Then review your smartphone permissions for allowing the Connect mobile app run in the background, and when you close out of the app, make sure to not force close the app in a manner that will stop it from running. The settings that you would need to check will vary depending on whether you are using the Connect mobile on Android or iPhone. 
    Let me know if you have any questions or if further assistance is needed, 
  • Thank you for posting what you have received from Product Support thus far. Thank you for your patience while I learn more.

  • I don’t think that’s correct - have not seen any correlation to current speed. Also, on the MARQ v1, the arrow did move. 

  • I will be happy to reach out again.

  • None of this makes sense. This is the marketing photo from Garmin itself. You can see the arrow is NOT just cosmetic, it actually shows SSW vs North. I feel there’s a bug, and Garmin needs to address, instead of just shooting from the hip. 

  • This watch is very expensive, top of the line, it should be functioning as advertised. 

  • Thank you for the questions and examples. I will update when I know more.

  • You are correct, the wind directional arrow "should move" to reflect your wind direction.

    Has your arrow never moved since owning your watch and remaining connected to your Connect Mobile APP with an active data internet connection?