Wrong display during navigation

In the last days I noticed many situations, when during navigation it looks like I am about 50m off the planned course. But later, when I check the course and the recorded data, I see I was almost perfectly where I supposed to be. It seems to me like some bug in displaying the situation during navigation. Did anybody encounter this?

Here are examples - when I am in flat terrain and the GPS signal should be optimal, and I see difference on display, I save location and screenshot. Later I check the place on map.
The blue line is planned course, the red line real data. See the scale on the bottom.

  • I have already found where the problem is. As mentioned here:
    When the course contains more than 200 points, Instinct displays it more or less distorted.
    See the same place at the beginning of the course, which contain 200, 1100 and 3500 points.


    The course transits over locations 1, 2, 3. But the more points, the more deviation of the course.
    I do not know why it works this way, but it is very unpleasant. I will have to divide my courses
    to more small sections, probably.

  • I have just done a 200km bike ride with loads of course points, not sure how many there actually we're but in short the Garmin instinct was completely wrong about 70% of the time. Seriously annoyed with this device as I bought it for navigation and its marketed as a adventure watch but you can't even trust it to keep you on route. Will probably get a edge 530 to navigate these types of rides in the future. I was with two other friends navigating with lezyne mega c and their course was dead on and mine was off by 50 to 500meters 70% of the time. If I was by myself I would have not been able to navigate this course at all, I would have gotten seriously lost and really using my instincts haha. 

    Just so anyone that is reading this and wants a device for navigation the Garmin instinct cannot navigate you and is completely unreiable for long rides/ hikes. Not designed as it's intended to be used

  • Instinct has a complete set of points in its memory, so it should be able to warn when you are off-course, but the display shows the planned course wrong. I divide my courses to circa 20km stages and I am happy with it.

    As I wrote here: wrong-zoom, I had a doubt that it is possible in every situation to show the exact course on the display. Now I know that other Garmin models are able to do it, but maybe it has some disadvantage, as higher consumption, who knows?