Suggestion for Instinct 2 (or maybe 3?)

We already know about a rumor that the Instinct 2 will sport solar assisted charging but the ultimate survival watch would be the one that you never have to charge.. So I watch this  video about a watch that uses both solar charging and body heat to charge and it actually never needs to be plugged.. Looks like this watch has a ton of bugs and software problems but as it appears the power supply of this gps wrist hr watch works!

If this technology will ever be implemented in a next Fenix or Instinct it would be a revolution.. But I'm scared of what the price would be..

  • But I'm scared of what the price would be..

    The price can't go too high, or it would encroach on other product lines that are supposed to be a tier or two higher than the Instinct, like the Forerunner and Fenix.

    My guess is they won't release an Instinct with a price above $350-$375, and if they can't hit that price target, they'll remove features until they can (or, they'll offer 2 or more different versions of the Instinct so that at least 1 of them costs less than that price target).

    Maybe we'll see a non-solar version for $350, and a solar version for $450. Or something like that.

    As far as new features go, besides potentially a solar option, I'd like to see a greyscale screen (instead of monochrome black-and-white) and higher pixel resolution. And of course, some additional FirstBeat anaytics would be great.

    I totally agree that a Fenix and/or Instinct that never needs to be charged would be a total game changer! But I'm thinking we won't see that with the Instinct 2 / Fenix 7... more likely it'll be a couple product generations into the future.