Edit .fit-file for Sports

Hello guys,

im having a relatively detailled question.

First the problem:

Im going to visit a Bikepark and want to track the activity --> Ive seen a few posts for this already in the internet regarding Garmin watches

The best possibility i saw was to pause the tracking manually after each run, to not track going uphill in the lif

--> I am so sure that i forget to press pause and play each time, so i want to avoid having to do this!

Half solution:

I think basically the Ski/Snowboard activities are doing exactly what i want .... 3D-speed etc. and auto-pause on lifts and also counting rounds --> PERFECT

But heres the Problem:

When i Copy the Snowboard-Activity and rename it to Bikepark, in Garmin its still named Ski/Snowboard and shows a Snowflake and it can not be shared do Komoot/Strava

Heres my solution: (But for sure i dont know how the instinct software is handling the internal stuff)

I think the "Bikepark" activity only has to be a combination of Ski/Snowboard, but the sports-definition has to be changed to Mountainbiking or somethinng

Heres my question:

Is it possible to Edit the GARMIN/Sports/Bikepark.fit-file (which contains the settings for the activity) and change the sport and icon to Mountainbike?

Does anyone know if there is a chance to have some sort of editor or something to change this stuff?

I am already using the fit file repair tool (microsoft access) but no data is showing up

If the activity after uploading is automatically treated as mountainbiking, i think i would have the perfect solution