Weather doesn't update


weather widget dosent update. garmin connect is on in the background (IOS), only when I open Garmin connect the weather updates. On my fenix 5 weather updated when I scrolled to the widget and a location icon appeared in the right corner on the phone. this dosent happens now

  • Nice!! IOS 13 came out 4 months ago! We appreciate you guys getting right on this....4 months later!! I spent $300.00 on this watch and the previous fitbit knockoff I had for $29.00 had NO ISSUE reporting weather from any Apple phone or IOS version. This is ridiculous!!!!

  • When you decide to leave the pity party, it’s one small piece of the pie that may not be functioning properly and will get fixed soon, so chill dude.

    If you feel that you could do things faster/better than the current personnel at Garmin, then I invite you to apply here:

  • Pity party, soon??? Guess again. This has been going on for over 12 months. People have wasted countless hours trying to solve this issue and they are acting like this is an IOS 13 issue? BS, it's been going on over 12 months, read up! You can tolerate this for an expensive watch if you like, but I won't. Let me guess....your watch is unaffected.....

  • This has been going on for over 12 months.

    iOS 13 was first released on September 19, 2019 (and you know it), so it is definitely not 12 months. If you refer to the initial date of this thread, then the cause was different. This thread contains also issues of other users witrh similar problems. Some of them were caused by wrong settings on user's side (i.e. missing permissions), others by changes in the OS, and some perhaps by other conflicts, but so far all those issues are being addressed and solved timely with delays that would be much longer at many other manufacturers. If you believe the opposite, nothing can prevent you from purchasing a device from another manufacturer with better support.

  • Go read the first post!!! This EXACT issue has been going on over 12 months, and DID NOT just start with IOS 13.0!!! It has been a problem over a year with Iphones! Read up that 3 months ago "they thought" they fixed it and that fix lasted less than a week for many of us. There are at least 6 other threads on this they locked because it is such a problem! It has been a problem with mine since day 1 on an iphone 6. Upgrade to 11pro made it worse, hasn't worked in over a week even once now. IT IS THE SAME problem, no matter what excuse you make for them. Kuba01 also still has the problem over 11 months and others as well! I've tried all the setting a billion times and everything is correct except the bogus code they cannot figure out. Sorry, unacceptable for a $300.00 watch, when a $29.00 Chinese knock off can get it right!

  • Go read the first post!!! This EXACT issue has been going on over 12 months, and DID NOT just start with IOS 13.0!!!

    As you tell, read the frst post, and then read the rest. You will see that the original poster Riki wrote around a month after his opening post, that the issue was fixed and never posted again. Other members also reported success. But the thread is filled with different issues that are not necessarily related to the same problem at all. For example some of the posters reported problems with Android, although the weather widget works just fine on Android (when permissions and settings are all right). 

    Chinese knock off can get it right!

    Nice for them and for you. Stick with them then.

  • I like the watch and am frustrated with the support and the time wasted trying to fix it! I'm not buying another watch. But I have a right to my opinion, whether you like it or not. You are wrong, read ALL THE OTHER locked threads. Ongoing issue that is not resolved, and the fixes are temporary at best. Right down to flipping on wifi fixing it for a while even though our data is working fine. On and on we've been dealing with this. Lucky you, you are not. Therefore you couldn't care less as you haven't followed it well enough to be informed either. So go read another thread and leave us with the issue be, you are of no help! 

  • Now, Garmin connect mobilr iOS4.26.0.20 still not resolve this issue.

    Garmin instinct tactical cannot show the weather. please suggestion

  • I get it to work by shutting the watch off and restarting the watch.  Happens about every two weeks.  

  • I had another post in response to 539 but was conveniently “Reported As Abusive”.

    My advice 948 is to use the many apps at your disposal on your phone for your weather needs. This has been a common issue across the board with numerous different devices and probably won’t be permanently fixed for awhile.

    Your phone screen will look and provide you a lot more information than the screen that’s a size of a quarter. The Weather Widget is a small piece of the pie when it comes to the available features on your Instinct.

    Wear it proudly!