Tides incorrect

Can't get the correct tide times

I am stood on the beach. Set the tides location to my current location but all the tide times are still out.

Any ideas how to fix this or is it just terrible programming?

  • For the tides times on the Instinct Solar Surf, we use NOAA for the United States tides and the World Weather Online service for most of the rest of the world.

    As long as you are connected to your smartphone after you have set your current Tide Location, you should see the correct tide time. If you do not, please double check the World Weather Online service tide times. If the tides are presented wrong, please reach out to your regional Outdoor Product Support.

  • Thank you for your response.  I am constantly connected to my smart phone but tide data is always out no matter what I try.

    Couldn't find the tidal info on world weather online but have sent them an email questioning what you have told me. And have also contacted Garmin.  From what I have seen of other posts though, this is a common issue there isn't much chance of this being rectified. So I have spent way too much money on a watch that doesn't do one of the main functions for which I purchased it. Very disappointed 

  • It is good to hear you have contacted your region's Garmin Outdoor Product Support. The feature seems to work great for 99% of Instinct Solar Surf owners around the world. Why there is an occasional watch with an issue for a very specific area, I am sorry that is taking place with your watch, since there is no logic to the issue taking place.

  • It doesn't work for me or the one other Garmin Instinct Surf owner I know so not sure where you are getting the 99% of watches work fine assertion. 

  • I met someone else the other day with the same watch. They said it was great accept for surfing and tides. 

    Garmin were absolutely no help at all. I did get a reply from world weather oline though. They have now "fixed" the problem. The tide times are now anywhere from 10 - 30 mins fast on my watch. So not perfect but I know if I take off 20 mins then I'm going to be pretty close to the correct times which will do for me

  • My tides are still of by ~1 hour too (for about a month now, was fine before). Got in touch with the regional outdoor support (as recommended), but so far all help I've got was that I got sent a link to a Garmin help page on 'how to set the correct time'.  I went on to explain the difference between tide and time, and have gotten no response since... I have little faith this is going to lead to a solution.

    , could you link to the tidal information of the 'World Weather Online' service you refer to? I've gotten to https://www.worldweatheronline.com, but am unable to find any information on tides there...

  • Everything that is available on tides time was advised above.

  • I sent an email to [email protected]

    Stated the issue, the beach I was using for tide times and also listed the times that the watch gave me and the times it should have been.

    Got a reply from [email protected]

    So either email should work.

    Hope you get it sorted

  • Thank you Nathan. At least I know I am at the right domain. I wanted to cross-check their online tides table with the ones displayed on the watch, to see whether the data is inaccurate to begin with or if there's some sort of translation/displaying issue going on with the watch. However, I don't see any tides displayed online or in their app...

    Edit: Just out of curiosity I compared the on-watch tide times for Honolulu with the NOAA data for the Honolulu station and that was correct. This leads me to believe the problem lies with the data. Will try sending an email to worldweatheronline soon. Was that the way Garmin recommended it to you, to sort the issue?

  • "Garmin chris" told me on this thread that garmin use NOAA for the states and world weather online for the rest of the world... I am in Cornwall,  England.

    Couldn't find any tide data on world weather online either so emailed them on the off chance. They came good.

    Garmin customer support told me they'd look into it and I never heard from them again