Bad battery life

I am using an iPhone to pair with the watch. I started from a full charge and estimated 26 days of battery life, with the following settings:

  • activity tracking + move iq
  • no gps
  • no move alert
  • no sleep pulse ox
  • 20% backlight
  • no backlight gesture

I also had good sunlight exposure almost every day. The watch lasted 15 days. I brought the device in my local Garmin shop, but they only reset the settings, which lead to no changes, as the next test with the same settings resulted in 16 days battery life.

Judging by what is supposed to be normal (, I am planning to return it to the shop once again. Does anyone else experience this issue? I am interested in what you guys think.

  • What is so surprising for me is that I had and have exactly the same battery drain (at least 5 - 6% per day, often more) on two separate Instinct Solar with serial numbers over 20.000 apart.

    I really think it's the seconds on the watchface or some other software issue.

    It's hard to imagine that Garmin sources batteries from two different manufacturers, where one of the batteries has half the capacity of the other. (Like wth those two different Fenix 6 displays.)

  • After 15.10 sw and new sensorhub update i faced with battery issues. My battery level drops at least 10 percent  from 08:00 to 21:00. İ dont use it nights or during sleeping. Can you fix it please?  

  • The bug will not be in the new SW, I have it too and everything as it was from the beginning. In 24 hours maximum 4% without gps activities. Often less. Did you restart the watch after installing the SW?