Weather widget temps are way off. 100% of the time.

How is this possible? Every day the current temp shows above the day's high like in my pic. High of 45 but currently 52. There should be an option to manually sync, too.

  • Also it doesn't seem to update ever. It's still showing 52 today, even though it's really 45 outside right now. The temps are wildly different from online sources. Does the widget just not work?

    In the Connect app I had it set to use my phone's location, with Location privileges granted to the app. So I changed it to my zip code, synced the watch and the widget didn't change. Then I changed it to a zip about a thousand miles away from me and still the widget didn't change.

  • My post from this morning disappeared but I'm re-posting it. The highs and lows of the day have changed since I posted it but the current temp now (52) is still above the high ( 50). I guess this widget simply doesn't work. Its temperatures are way off from other sources, sometimes 10 degrees, as if it's reading them from somewhere that's nowhere near me. Online sources for my location vary only by a degree or two for the high, low and current temp so I'm not sure what exactly is broken with this widget since there are no settings to check. 

  • I see that there are MANY threads on weather not working across most of the Garmin watch line. Will Garmin ever address this issue? 

  • Mine is the same, it takes talent to get something so simple so wrong, which only Garmin can achieve. I have 5 weather apps on the phone all showing 28-30, and the phone won't go past 22. Incompetent is the only word I can rationally choose, which is cemented by the fact that they're keeping quiet about it.