Missing language in v 10.00

After upgrading to 10.00 I lost my language settings - in watch is available only English, other languages are "Not Installed". I  checked it in Express and there are no new language files to install to watch, everything is up to date. Has anyone same problem?

  • You have to initiate the language install from the watch first. Go to Menu » Settings » System » Languages » select the language » Install. Then connect it to Garmin Express and it will be installed.

    Edit (after 's comment) - if your language is already set to the one you need, on your watch, though language file still missing, you have to set the watch to the default English first, and only then you'll be able to install the missing language.

  • It worked, but I have to use workaround. I am using language "Čeština" (Czech), watch displayed "Not Installed". When selecting language, nothing happend (no additional menu for installation was shown). I had to install another language, use it and then go back to Czech and suddently there was option for installation of language.

  • Por aqui deu certo também. Porém com a solução alternativa que o PawJH disse. Tive que colocar a linguagem INGLÊS e depois instalar a linguagem PORTUGUÊS. obrigado.

  • Mám podobný problém když provozuju instincty jen přes mobil...jazyky pak musím občas doinstalovat přes aplikaci pro Windows...