Garmin instinct 2 is saying I'm awake for hours in a night.

My garmin sleep tracking is absolutely horrible. It says I'm awake upwards to 2 hours in a night and that's completely inaccurate. At this point my sleep score is screwing over all my other readings. Help?

  • I’m having the exact same problem. My sleep score has gone down to around 50 because of the 2 hours awake each night.

  • It's super frustrating! At this point I'm just not wearing it at night. It seemed like the first instinct had better sleep tracking. Hopefully an update will help...

  • Was the same for me, since they changed the algorithm some years ago. Its definitely wrong for me but it also seems to work for a lot of others just fine. The problem is, that all the newer recovery metrics are relying on sleep, and that  being awake impacts the sleep score a lot, throwing off all recovery recommendations. So I gave  up on it about a year ago and no longer use Garmin devices therefore and bought an AW and a whoop strap (which both track much less awake time). I really like Garmin and would love to see a solution for it?

  • I have the same issue. My Vivoactive 4 would show maybe 30 minutes awake on a good nights sleep; Instinct 2 shows 1-2 hours awake for a similar night of good quality sleep. 

    I’ve taken to ignoring the Instinct 2 sleep and recovery readings and just going with my instincts (pun intended). If I feel I can handle a hard workout, I’ll do one. If not, I’ll back it down appropriately. It is frustrating to try to reconcile these wildly different readings across the devices. I still wear them to capture exercise data.

    Studies are coming out that we, as consumers of smart devices, are starting to rely on the devices to tell us how we “feel” physically as opposed to making the assessment ourselves when we wake up.  What your watch says has been shown to affect your mood. Time was getting a resting heart rate when you woke up was your most scientific measure of overtraining. Everything else was about how your body felt to your brain. Pain, fatigue, etc.