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Instinct 2x Solar Tactical system sounds much too quiet

Hello Garmin, when will there be an update where the system sounds will have been made louder or where an option will be integrated where the user can set the volume of the system sounds of the watch himself? You can't hear the watch! If you do not wear the watch at night around the wrist (I never do) you hear the alarm clock of the watch in any way! Have you not tried this yourself, out on the street? That must have noticed someone that this is much too quiet? Even in summer, when you wear a T-shirt, you do not hear the clock. Not to mention if you were to wear the watch under a sweater and a winter jacket. I would not like to have the vibration mode permanently activated. Or if you forget to activate the vibration mode and a thunderstorm warning comes. This senseless short sound, you do not get it at all! That is fatal for a professional outdoor watch! You can not rely on the clock in any way! Currently, as it is now, I am very disappointed in the clock!

  • Fall in line, my friend, me and many others have had the same observation :). Relying on the tone for alarms, pacing alerts etc. is basically useless on this device because of how quite it is. 

    These watches don't have a speaker, but a piezo buzzer. And one can only vary the pitch (and not volume) of these buzzers by varying the voltage and the shape of the enclosure. While I'm not sure if all Garmin watches (the piezo ones which don't have a speaker for Bluetooth calling) are this quiet, I can confidently say that my Edge bike computers which also have a piezo buzzer have really shrill tones that are impossible to miss even out on the road amidst traffic.

  • Indeed. I'm really disappointed of this watch! It would be the best watch in the world if it wouldn't have all these problems. I have also a lot of Bluetooth connection problems. If the watch or the cell phone lost the connection there is only a very short and very very quiet alert and an info on the display that disappear after a few seconds. How can that be? That shall be an outdoor watch for hiking and other things. How could I trust this watch? I don't wear it 24 hours. What if I put the watch on the table for example and go to another room. It's not possible to hear the watch and if you come back you don't have any informations on the display that it lost the connection or that there was a weather alert or something. I'm really disappointed. I sent Garmin a list of all problems and unfortunately I didn't get a reply. Nobody can tell me if Garmin is working on the problems for an update. Pity!

  • SAME!!!! And I have brought it to their attention personally many times and they just don't seem to care. I feel like not having an Audible alarm tone is very detrimental to EVERYTHING I do. If I can't hear the watch beep, what's the point of having a watch that beeps?????

    And, it's fine straight out of the box, then after an update is when the tone volume gets nerfed. I've had this issue with 4 different Instinct 2X Solars now. My last one was fine until I stupidly plugged it into my computer to charge and it updated, then my alarm tone volume is basically non existent. I spoke with someone at Garmin and they even tested it out themselves and confirmed that after the update the alarm tone is much lower, but then proceeded to tell me it wasn't because of the update though. Well, then WHY? If not the update, why does it do it after an update? And when you uninstall the update it doesn't restore the volume tone either. 

    THIS MUST BE FIXED! And I know it's something that CAN be fixed super easily with an update. But they just refuse to do it, which I feel is extremely unfair to everyone who ponied up the $488 to buy the dang watch. EVERY time I look at it, all I can think about is how much I HATE that I can't hear the tone AT ALL, ever. I don't want to have to rely on the "Vibration" for alerts. That's absolutely unacceptable in my opinion and GARMIN should fix the issue ASAP or allow us to return these watches for a refund, because having a $500 watch that doesn't beep is completely BS. 

    My Daughters 6 dollar amazon watch beeps so loud I can hear it in my bedroom all the way across the house.... 

  • From my circle of acquaintances I have learned, from those who use Garmin watches, that some have no problems and some have Garmin watches that are buggy and that instead of updates, Garmin prefers to develop new models. Great! 

  • FIX THIS!!! So annoying! Who has a watch for this kinda money you can’t hear?? Ridiculous