Instinct 2 Series - 8.10 Public Release Candidate

Hello Instinct 2 customers,

We're back with another release candidate that includes some bug fixes!

Please email the Garmin Outdoor Quality Team if you find issues in software after installing this update: [email protected]

The links to download the software update are listed below. Select the link specific to your watch model: Instinct 2 or Instinct 2S. Please note that your computer will download a .zip file when you open this link. This zip contains the software update, peripheral updates if necessary, as well as a folder with the file needed for backdating software, and instructions for this process if you choose to do so. Remember, backdating software will reset all settings.

Use these links to download the zip for your watch to update to version 8.09:

Change log for version 8.10 (Changes since 8.09):

  • Added power audio prompts
  • Added a dial countdown for the respiration widget
  • Improved the delay when going from the watch face in low power mode to the activity screen
  • Fixed health snapshot not showing an HRV value
  • Fixed heart rate audio prompts not working (requires GCM version 4.54)

Instructions for updating software:

  1. Download the .zip specific to your watch, using the links above.
  2. Connect the watch to your computer.
  3. Copy the included gupdate.gcd file (from the System_x.xx folder) to the Primary\Garmin folder on your watch.
  4. If there is a ANT-BLE_x.xx folder, copy the included GUPXXXX.gcd file to the Primary\Garmin\RemoteSW folder on your watch.
  5. If there is a SensorHub_xx.xx folder, copy the included GUPXXXX.gcd file to the Primary\Garmin\RemoteSW folder on your watch.
  6. Disconnect the watch from the computer and it will prompt you to update software.

After updating, your watch will be running the following software versions. These can be confirmed on the Menu – System – About pages. New versions are shown in red.

  • Software Version: 8.10. This is the number on the very first About page.
  • GPS: 6.00
  • CIQ: 3.3.1
  • BMX7.0.0
  • BLE/ANT: 1.03
  • SNS: 18.00

Please note, the beta updates released on these forums are NOT compatible with APAC devices.


Garmin Outdoor Quality Team