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Instinct 2 Solar (Tactical) "Washed Out" Display: Anyone else having this problem w/their display?


The GI2 (on right) is much more "washed out" and closer to purple when compared to the original's vibrant blue (on left); both are backlit to 100%. Moreover, the viewing angle on the GI2 is simply terrible... clearly, the new "domed" PowerGlass does not add one of the primary advantages of having a domed crystal which is improving the visibility at acute angles (especially underwater) by mitigating light reflectiveness. I'm not impressed at all. As opposed to the original solar models, the new GI2s have a "full" solar panel behind the display, so this may be the cause of both the tint and viewing discrepancies; I've contacted Garmin support and am waiting for some explanation... hopefully it is just that I may have a defective watch (which can then be replaced by Garmin).  Also, much as I appreciate the improved display resolution of 176x176 (which does make the text look crisper), they've taken advantage of that to make the overall text smaller in order to fit more data displayed on the screen size; that's all well and good, but it does make it more of a strain for legibility... not all of us have a 25 y/o sight. As usual, Garmin did incorporate a font size setting; I've provided them with that feedback and feature suggestion, so hopefully they will add that in a future update.  Has anyone else noticed this issue? 

    • Unfortunately not; at least not directly.  Zach from Garmin Product Support (with whom I originally spoke, and was very helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous) did email me (a day ago) in response to the open ticket on my call; he replied the following:   " I have heard back from our engineering team that the Instinct 2 uses a different display than the original Instinct, so the backlight may have a different hue and the Instinct 2 won't have as steep of a viewing angle."
  • Hmm i don't think that is the problem here. I could be wrong but the way the backlight doesn't bleed out the display at any other steep angle (such as from the top or sides)  makes it seem more like a polarization issue to me. Only the bottom side shows this bleed out issue. I hope they continue their correspondence with you but it may be a feature we just have to live with. 

  • Yet it has a wonderful viewing angle when viewed upside down, compared to the instinct 1.  I2 is orange strap left and I1 is black strap right. 

  • instinct 1 solar 100% : 

  • Please keep us updated but I don’t think garmin is going to replace all the watches that has manufactured to this day. First they need to give an explanation and if necessary stop production to fix the issue.

  • my I1 looks the same as yours when viewed at that angle- upside down as I call it - or from above as others call it.  It’s the opposite when viewed at a normal-ish angle  I1 is black band right  and I2 is orange left  

  • I don’t know how they’ll fix or remedy this for those of us who have the issue and are bothered by it.  I’m just glad I got mine at REI and they have a 90 day return policy on Garmin watches.   I can wait 3 months and hope a new production run has the correct screen orientation. 

  • First they need to give an explanation and if necessary stop production to fix the issue.

    I don't expect Garmin to make an official statement on this. Garmln will say as with other watches on customer inquiries " a series dispersion is normal and does not affect the function". No reason for exchange.

    They certainly won't stop production. They may switch to another manufacturer over time. Maybe not.

  • This is exactly what I thought we would see. Nice comparison. I highly doubt this is due to the new display. It's definitely the glass causing this.