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Instinct 2 Solar (Tactical) "Washed Out" Display: Anyone else having this problem w/their display?


The GI2 (on right) is much more "washed out" and closer to purple when compared to the original's vibrant blue (on left); both are backlit to 100%. Moreover, the viewing angle on the GI2 is simply terrible... clearly, the new "domed" PowerGlass does not add one of the primary advantages of having a domed crystal which is improving the visibility at acute angles (especially underwater) by mitigating light reflectiveness. I'm not impressed at all. As opposed to the original solar models, the new GI2s have a "full" solar panel behind the display, so this may be the cause of both the tint and viewing discrepancies; I've contacted Garmin support and am waiting for some explanation... hopefully it is just that I may have a defective watch (which can then be replaced by Garmin).  Also, much as I appreciate the improved display resolution of 176x176 (which does make the text look crisper), they've taken advantage of that to make the overall text smaller in order to fit more data displayed on the screen size; that's all well and good, but it does make it more of a strain for legibility... not all of us have a 25 y/o sight. As usual, Garmin did incorporate a font size setting; I've provided them with that feedback and feature suggestion, so hopefully they will add that in a future update.  Has anyone else noticed this issue? 

  • It is equal or better though - in terms of advertised features. The v1 was never advertised as having a specific maximum viewing angle, and neither is the v2. Garmin can't hold back on product or feature development just because of some consequential effect that's unrelated to any advertised feature.

  • What would have been held back if the screen was as viewable as before? Don't forget this is present on the solar and non solar watch. I agree about the angle thing to a degree but this watch was handy as before depending on if you "catch" the ambient light right even at night you could view the screen without a backlight at all, sounds like that wouldn't be possible now. I'd have to see it person but it sounds like one of the smaller issues so far at least for me. Bigger issue being old notifications shown on new ones coming in (same as last version), gap between the glassand bezel, curved screen preventing you fitting a protector, bugs such as flashlight not working right and strange mud catching texture on the bezel.

  • Then in that case the fenix 7 and epix 2 advertise music but it does not say the quality of the music therefore even if the quality of music is horrible still is good to you Slight smile

  • Increased resolution? Battery life? Increased cost of the non-solar having to use different complements or production tooling?

  • If they advertise music, then it's implicit in consumer law that it should be to a quality that the average person would reasonably consider acceptable. I don't think the average person has any expectation that they should be able to read their watch at 80 degrees in the dark.

  • If you, personally, are satisfied with the overall quality and performance of the watch, and if it works for you, then:  Outstanding; I'm glad you and a few others are enjoying your purchase w/o issue, and that you feel your money was well spent.  For a lot of us, however, we require certain use features which we would have no good reason to believe would be downgraded, or entirely missing; things that not only were present (and therefore now basic) in version 1, but that were improved upon in most other older models/versions because it was initially a problem there as well.  You are right, it is silly and unreasonable to expect the watch to be legible at impractical and extreme angles, but that expectation is neither the case nor the source of the complaint... I need to be able to read the watch, even at a minor angle, in low to no light, often (as in every day and night) because of my case use requirements; I was able to do that with the original Solar Tactical version, and [silly me] fully expected to have that equal (or maybe even slightly better) capability with the newer and more expensive version.  Since Garmin just got back to me to give me the most basic of explanations (without even considering, based on my detailed explanation of the problems, that my specific watch may be defective), I've concluded that the watch is just not going to me my requirements, and is not for me... I'll return it and stick to what does work. 

  • I think the big issues is the screen doesn't wash out at other angles. When angled up or left or right no washout. Only when angled down. It appears to me they accidentally flipped the screen polarization 180 degrees. I wouldn't be surprised if this is a manufacturing error. AND one that needs to be fixed. I can't see any reason why they would flip the polarization like this. 

  • Has anyone from Garmin Replied to this thread? I'd like to know if this is a manufacturing error or intended behavior.