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Fenix 7 System Software 14.31

Hello Fenix 7 users,

Today we started the rollout of System Software 14.31, currently we are at 30% with this rollout, and we will increase the % as time goes by. 

Change Log 

Added new activity types to non-Pro models: American Football, Field Hockey, Ice Hockey, Soccer/Football, Lacrosse, Rugby, Ultimate Disc, Cricket, Softball, Archery, Overland, BMX, Racket sports and more!
Added Device Settings Backup and Restore.
Added ability to set multiple locations in the weather app on device.
Added Gaming App.
Added Workouts App.
Added Golf "Plays Like" improvements.
Added Multisport option for race calendar.
Added support for Hill Score and Endurance Score features on fenix 7 series, Epix Gen 2, and Marq 2.
Added Shaded Relief feature to the map for fenix 7 series, Epix Gen 2, and Marq 2.
Added split screen and radial data field layouts to the map for fenix 7 series, Epix Gen 2, and Marq 2.
Added support for weather overlay map in the weather app for fenix 7 series, Epix Gen 2, and Marq 2.
Added support for new Di2 cassette sprocket patterns.
Added support for the Recent Apps hot key to Non-Pro models.
Added workout muscle map support for HIIT, Cardio, and Pilates.
Added Trolling Motor app (allows anglers to control their Garmin Force or Force Kraken Trolling Motor through a compatible Garmin smartwatch. Garmin Force Trolling Motor must be updated to the July 2023 software update.)
Added Trolling Motor page to Fish and Boat activities if paired to a Garmin Force or Force Kraken Trolling Motor.
Added Fish Forecast (uses solunar theory to predict the best times to fish.)
Added a link to Garmin Connect Mobile in My Workouts within the Workouts App.
Added haptic feedback to wifi sync failure case.
Added power guide support to the race widget.
Fix Golf scorecard button not properly dismissing.
Fix race time prediction on races with distance longer than a marathon.
Fixed a bug where the activity units setting was overwriting units outside the activity.
Fixed an issue in Fish and Hunt that would show different options with touch vs button press.
Fixed an issue in Fish where logging a catch or saving a location wouldn't work correctly if there was no GPS signal.
Fixed an issue in Tides where alerts would occur at the wrong time.
Fixed an issue in Tides where the alert cursor would be inaccurate.
Fixed Connect IQ watch faces still getting gestures even when gestures are disabled.
Fixed drawing issue with chart data fields in certain data field positions.
Fixed issue that could cause stale weather data.
Fixed issue when paired to Varia Vision.
Fixed issue with Gaming win rate not matching Garmin Connect.
Fixed issue with golf plays like using stale weather data.
Fixed issue with Race Day weather wind speeds.
Fixed issue with sleep watch face showing an incorrect alarm time.
Fixed issue with touchscreen not working when the backlight is off on fenix 7 series devices.
Fixed missing Daily Suggested Workouts in the Workouts app.
Fixed potential display flicker when using Connect IQ watch faces.
Fixed potential issue causing the inReach widget glance to stop updating.
Fixed potential issue that could cause a crash on software update.
Fixed potential issue when a large number of mp3 files are on the device.
Fixed potential issue where a user may be unable to play music in Spotify.
Fixed potential issue where Spotify would show blank except for the control buttons.
Fixed potential issue with the Reference Point App when a large number of waypoints are loaded.
Fixed potential lockup on the wallet page.
Fixed potential shutdown in the Tides app.
Fixed potential shutdown on weather map.
Fixed potential shutdown when using a course and viewing the Climb Pro data screen.
Fixed potential UI issue with HRV display in Morning Report.
Fixed UI flow issue when viewing an event in the calendar.
Fixed UI issue when a 3 digit HRV value is present in Morning Report.
Improved golf Hole Picker.
Updated translations.