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Tactix 7 System Software 13.22

Hello Tactix 7 users, 

We have fully released software version 13.22.

Change Log

Add more apps/glances to power controls and hot keys.
Added 7-day Sleep Stage graph.
Added a new activity profile for obstacle course race events.
Added ability to get GPS location in Environment menu for Applied Ballistics (Tactix 7 Only).
Added Activity Stage page.
Added Calorie Burn Rate chart to post-activity summary.
Added Connect IQ App Review flow.
Added Cycling Readiness course analysis page.
Added flashlight strobe power key Control Menu item.
Added HRV Status 4-week historical graph.
Added Load Ratio to Training Status.
Added more data field options to the hierarchical data page layout.
Added Obstacle Course Racing activity.
Added page to view current training workload ratio.
Added PulseOx battery tip.
Added support for Cycling Events as Primary Race events.
Added support for Wrist Based Running Dynamics.
Added support for wrist-based running dynamics: receive running form feedback without an accessory.
Added Workout Execution Score to post-activity summary.
Fixed altitude calibration prompt not showing up.
Fixed Armenian font issue.
Fixed Custom Power Mode not allowing assignment to an activity.
Fixed double-tap to zoom on map.
Fixed golf Green Contour drawing on fenix devices.
Fixed Golf Map drawing issues.
Fixed issue causing incorrect Off Course warnings.
Fixed issue causing Power Mode to get stuck on "Extended" power mode.
Fixed issue causing shutdowns when updating audio prompt files.
Fixed issue on MARQ 2 causing the OHR to still come on even if it is turned off.
Fixed issue that could cause gaps in HRV overnight graph in Connect.
Fixed issue that would sometimes show the run timer as negative in Wakesports activities.
Fixed issue where Health Snapshot glance was unable to be added for Quatix watches.
Fixed issue where large step count values would not fit in some places on watch faces.
Fixed issue where Power Modes were not turning on when auto-enabled for activity.
Fixed issue where several Tides menu options wouldn't appear.
Fixed issue where Tactix 7 watches wouldn't display nautical units correctly.
Fixed issue where the max speed of Wakesports activities would sometimes be incorrect.
Fixed issue with 'based on' HR Zone setting.
Fixed issue with battery saver toggle while in sleep mode.
Fixed issue with flashlight cadence mode not showing red flashes.
Fixed issue with HIIT custom timer number picker.
Fixed issue with incorrect weight after editing the last set's weight in the Strength activity.
Fixed issue with Max Speed for indoor activities.
Fixed issue with Outdoor Maps+ after having cleared settings on the device.
Fixed issue with Outdoor Maps+ deactivation flow.
Fixed issue with Rally pedal calibration.
Fixed issue with Saved Locations list.
Fixed issue with the Training Status glance not handling the Paused state correctly.
Fixed map banner only showing coordinates rather than selected POIs.
Fixed missing access to Calibrate Power before the timer is started.
Fixed Outdoor Maps+ download estimates when selected area is zoomed out far.
Fixed possible issue where a transit card's balance might not update.
Fixed potential Daylight Savings Time issue when traveling.
Fixed potential issue where the wallet would not launch.
Fixed potential issue where tones would alert when they shouldn't.
Fixed potential issue with resuming Outdoor Maps+ downloads.
Fixed potential issue with step goal dates in morning report.
Fixed potential shutdown on the Automotive watch face (MARQ 2 Only).
Fixed potential shutdown when adding a new power mode.
Fixed potential shutdown when clearing smart notifications.
Fixed potential shutdown when downloading large contents in Outdoor Maps+.
Fixed potential shutdown when pairing with a Zwift in a virtual run activity.
Fixed potential shutdown when stopping a Free workout.
Fixed potential shutdown when syncing with the Explore app.
Fixed potential shutdown when viewing fitness age.
Fixed potential shutdown with Drill Start in Pool Swim.
Fixed potential UI overlap in the Heart Rate glance.
Fixed Recovery Time discrepancy.
Improved access to Pace Pro plan creation.
Improved compass smoothness on the compass page.
Improved course complete banner.
Improved map pan/zoom controls.
Improvements to Altitude Acclimation.
Smart notifications will now keep the screen on when a gesture-down occurs, unless the device is interacted with (Epix/Marq Only).
Updated translations.