Fenix 7X Wallet problem

Mobile Phone: Samsung S10+

Garmin connect App version: 4.67

Fenix 7X SS FW: 11.28

Country: Greece

I don't know if this problem has to do with the watch or Garmin Connect app. I had set up the Garmin Pay with a credid card and was working fine for about a year till last days of April. On first week of May I tried to pay something with watch and the wallet application could not start . Since then, sometimes was working, sometimes not. I removed and added the card a few times, but since last Monday is not working at all. I removed the card from mobile app and when I attempt to add from garmin conncect pay menu, it says that the device does not support any credit card in my region. If I try to add from watch menu of garmin connect, it says that the watch is not connected. Of course, the watch is connected to the app and works perfectly. I have removed the app, cleared the data from mobile, unpaired and paired bluetooth connection, rebooted both phone and watch. The only thing that I have not done is to reset watch to factory settings, because I prefer to avoid it. Has anyone else face this problem? Is this a hardware problem of watch or it haw to do with Garmin Connect App?

Than you