Waypoint alerts shows too late

Fenix 7 user, 11'28 software.

When navigating a course, the waypoint alerts appear too late sometimes. But really late. From 50 to 400 meters late. I double checked and the waypoints are added properly to the course.

When this issue happened, the up ahead feature was not showing the correct distance to the waypoints, but the map is showing the waypoint at the correct place (see photo)

Only tried with hike and trail run activities.

The issue happened importing routes from Wikiloc, locusmap and komoot to connect. Then, editing the waypoints with connect.

In the attached photos you can see (1) the alert and (2) at the same place when the alert happened I took a photo and the watch map is showing the waypoint at the correct place, but the alert didn't appear at the correct place.

  • The issue is still happening every time I run or hike over a course. No one else is experiencing this? For me, it seems that the off course alerts affect negatively. More off course alerts, more late shows the waypoint alert. But is properly shown on the map.

    More info: even if the waypoints alerts are too late, the turn by turn notifications are spot on.

    I need help. I bought the watch for the navigation capabilities, and this is a major failure that can be very annoying, for example, when missing a water source

    Photo(I already run through the waypoint (called poste indicador on the map). But the watch says there is still 178 meters left until I reach the waypoint)):I already past the waypoint (called poste indicador on the map).But the watch says there is still 178 meters left until I reach the waypoint)

    Then, after 178 meters the watch alerts me about that waypoint. Too late...

  • I don't exactly experience this fault, because I don't use waypoints, but the navigation on the Garmin simply doesn't work, which in 2023 is a shame for a high-end product.
    1. The navigation does not display turn notifications in many cases.
    2. It is late in indicating turn points.
    3. It sometimes indicates turning points even when there is only one road and it is turning.
    4. The positioning is not very accurate on hills even with multi-GNSS and dal-band turned on (Suunto 9 is much more accurate in the same places).

  • here I attached a video with same issue. Now with firmware 13'22. Clearly, the final waypoint of the route is well positioned on the map. But the distance remaining to that waypoint is so wrong. When I reach every waypoint, there is still a lot of distance left according to the up ahead.

    In the video the course finished right in the correct spot, but if the waypoint is not the last one, the watch doesn't notificate you until you run 100 to 300 meters away from the waypoint. (like is shown in previous posts)

    Anyone from Garmin can help me with that, please? This is so annoying.