BACK/LAP button stops music (phone app) during Activity

Recently, I found out that my Fenix 7X, when I'm during Activity (Run, Trail run - didn't try others), stops music on my phone (mostly Spotify App on Android phone) when I press LAP/BACK button - to move forward the workout or just to lap. New lap starts as it should but music doesn't play again until I put out the phone and press play in Spotify etc. or I hold DOWN button and start it again by watch. It happens only after 2nd or 3rd LAP/BACK press (after first one music still plays) during  given activity - and then happens everytime in this same activity. 

What is interesting, in Music Control, watch "thinks" the music is still playing - there's Play icon shown. So I need to press play 2x (START/STOP button) to start it again.

I don't remember when it's started - it's happening for few days now. Previously, LAP/BACK doesn't have any impact on my phone (and therefore - music) and I didn't need to use Music Control at all - I just have controlled music through my earbuds. Now it's almost impossible to listen to music during interval workout.

Is this a bug or some settings has changed in settings after - I don't know, maybe last update?